Community of Practice Meet Up

Digna, the Canadian Centre of expertise on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA), is convening PSEA focal points from across Canadian civil society to provide an opportunity to learn, reflect, and exchange with one another. This is the first annual meetup of the Focal Points Community of Practice, with the goal of initiating members into the online portal, creating connections between members, and facilitating conversations on topics identified by members. Participants can expect to learn from others in the sector on how to ensure that their organizations are able to respect the rights of their program participants and effectively respond to cases of SEA.

Step 1: Register for the meet-up

Tuesday, May 18th
13:30 – 15:00pm Eastern Time (1.5 hours)


Step 2: Log in or register to use the portal

This online portal through will provide confidential discussion and networking tools to registered users.

Once you have clicked on the sign up link:

  • You will receive an email confirmation that will most likely go to your junk box. Please approve the email as ‘not junk’, and follow the instructions to login
  • Please create your profile, 
  • Join the PSEA Focal Points Group. 
  • Once you have signed into the portal and created your profile, we recommend that you save the website to your favourites for ease of access.

Log in or create an account here:

Step 3: Join the online Community of Practice

Once you have a portal account, you can ask to join the secure and private group for focal points. Please allow 48 hours for your request to join to be accepted.


A focal point is a contact within your organization who will serve as the reference person for preventing SEA (i.e. organizational policies), and  responding to SEA allegations (i.e. managing investigations). Your organization might have one or more PSEA focal points.

To ensure that your organization and all staff benefit from regular and timely information sharing and services, we are creating this community of practice for all PSEA focal points. Digna will provide a range of resources and services to help implement gender-sensitive policies and best practices to meet our sector’s needs in PSEA, and focal points are best placed to put these resources into practice.

Digna’s Community of Practice is a group of people who share common roles related to PSEA and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals. Members aim to share their expertise and best practices to contribute to PSEA in the international cooperation sector. They interact on an ongoing basis, in face-to-face meetings as well as web-based collaborative environments, to communicate, connect and conduct community activities. 

So far over 80 organizational focal points have been identified!

The person/people responsible for PSEA in any international cooperation organization in Canada.

To create connection with other PSEA focal points and begin learning from others in the sector on how organizations are able to respect the rights of their program participants and effectively respond to cases of SEA.