What are these “working groups” you refer to?

Our working groups (WGs) come in lots of shapes and sizes! Groups are formed around themes (ex: Localization), policy pieces (ex: Direction and Control) or specific divisions (ex: CFOs). Anyone can join a working group or create one!

Why create a conference around them?

Cooperation Canada, in its continuous effort to cater to its members, will hold a two-day event tailored for its Working Groups, scheduled on November 16-17 from 1:00pm till 5:00pm. 

Working groups have gone through lots of changes in the past year: we introduced a new WG model, the sector had to deal with a big ol’ pandemic, and our staff also shifted around quite a bit.

During this virtual conference, we aim to create a space allowing you to…

  • meet with your Working Group if you’re part of one,
  • or pop into a WG meeting to learn more about them,
  • be part of thematic brainstorms, a speed dating session, trainings and more!

Learning, networking and collaboration are the ultimate objectives of this event as sessions are designed for  members  to  have ample opportunity to  engage with their peers.

What else is happening at the conference?

Two things: cool trainings and important brainstorms!
This conference is a chance to reconnect and center collaboration as a motor for social change!

Why should you attend ?

As a member, this is a chance for you to network with your peers, fine-tune your collaborative work and learn from other sector organizations. We also hope you’ll get to know about what Cooperation Canada can do to support and help you!


Tuesday, november 16 2021

In this short session, delegates will be welcomed and introduced to the day.  Our speaker will guide the attendees through the platform.

We have a number of active (or sometimes dormant!) working groups in Cooperation Canada. This session aims to reintroduce what our working groups and communities of practice aim to do, to allow all our members to get to know them in a fast-paced way and see if you are interested to join them!  

Sure, our current Working Groups are amazing, but what is missing? We have all seen unofficial committees become sector-wide priorities, so now is the time to think about what is next. What is your organization wishing they could collaborate on? Should we focus on themes or specific world events? How can we make sure each theme gets the attention it needs?  

Afghanistan Crisis Exchange: our weekly session to keep communications going between those who are involved directly or indirectly in this crisis. 

Asia-Pacific Group: new beginnings: reviewing our Terms of Reference and asking: is APG still serving its members like it should?

CFO (Chief Financial Officers): regrouping after CEDE 2021 & what are the priority issues we want to raise with GAC in the coming months?

Human Resources (HR): catching up on current HR issues of working in a (post-)COVID world

Innovative Finance: ground check: what makes IFWG unique? What are the members’ needs in the coming year? 

Localization: a moment to reconvene now that we’ve consulted our teams after the last meeting, and focusing on what our role is in the sector and how our work streams intersect.


Are you a new member of Cooperation Canada, a new staff or volunteer among our doyens, or you’re simply in need of a refresher? Join us for this “Cooperation Canada 101” session and learn more about our mission, our recent accomplishments and how we can strive to serve our members! We’ll use this occasion to get to know our new kin better as well.  

Cooperation Canada has prepared its alternative Mandate Letter for our new Minister of International Development, the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan. Building on longstanding sector priorities and our pre-budget submission, we welcome your feedback on the letter, to be published after the Working Group conference 

What better way to end such an informative day? Get your drink in hand or have a “virtual beverage” while networking with your peers.  A networking platform is set to welcome you and break the ice!

Wednesday, november 17 2021

Attendees will be welcomed to day 2 and will receive a run through of the day. 

Though we have been using the Portal for quite some time, you might not know all its functionality and how to use it to its full potential, or you might be a new staff in your organization! Here are some tips and tricks that might help, as well as some other tools to discover to lead your working group into the digital age!  

Africa-Canada Forum (ACF): new beginnings: reviewing our Terms of Reference and asking: is ACF still serving its members like it should? 

Digna: our community of practice will be discussing our new organizational assessment tool

Direction and Control: with a new cabinet in place, how will D&C be dealt with? Propositions for next steps. 

Fundraising: an open discussion on the effects of Covid and remote/hybrid work on fundraising & digital campaigns; changes in donor giving patterns; etc.

ODA:  while the ODA Working Group is a “closed” group, this is an opportunity for members to hear about what the group is up to 

Youth Engagement: open discussion on what members are doing to mobilize youths in these challenging times – and are in-person events happening in your organizations

Being new to the international cooperation sector can be kind of daunting, and even discouraging at times. But you are not alone! Cooperation Canada has seen firsthand how new staff can bring about the biggest changes in the greatest ways. So who are these bright lights?  

Although we are still weathering a 4th wave of COVID-19, our members never stopped working – from home, that is. Some have gone back to the office part-time, some wish they will never have to, some are waiting for clear directions; these discussions are probably happening in your organization right now, and you might be wondering what they sound like in other, similar organizations. This is your chance to see who is doing what, and find answers to some of the harder questions you might be juggling with. 


At the end of the conference, a final summary of all the sessions and next actions will be shared.

Thank you to our sponsors!